Q & A

  • How to care for your lycra clothes?
    А: Very simple. Hand or machine wash under 30°C. Be sure to rinse in fresh water after the sea or pool.
  • Can I swim in the pool in your clothes?

    А: Going to the seaside is not an every-day opportunity for many. Swimming pools are more affordable. We are often asked, however, if chlorine is lethal to a swimsuit or rashguard?

    No, it is not. You can safely swim in the pool. The color will stay, the fabric will not disintegrate. We verified it. Swim without fear.

  • Can I get a sun-tan through your clothes?

    A: One of the most common questions. And for good reason. On the water, we get sun-burnt very quickly, and some people are allergic to the sun.

    All our swimwear and rashguards are SPF 50+ sun-proof. This is a very high level of protection, the fabric reflecting 98% of sun rays. Recommended for light-skinned or allergic to the sun individuals.

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